Tuesday already . . . .

I don’t know where the time goes . . .
I bought the most lovely bunch of cream frilly tulips some days ago and they have turned out to be such an inspiration.
Here’s one shot and I’ve used textures by KIm Klassen to get the look I wanted.
I’m going to post this over at Texture Tuesday , just click this link if you want to have a look at the other lovely entries . . .Kim Klassen, Texture Tuesday xox




  1. Beautiful ones, I don’t know are they french tulips or just little tired but I love how they are little “down” (I don’t know the rights english words:)

    • Thanks so much Henrietta . . .I know them as frilly tulips but they may well be called French tulips. And you are right they are a little down, I had just bought them and put them in water, after a while they stood up straight but I like them best like this all soft and droopy . . x

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